Education is key for identifying whether WaterScrumFall is present in your organisation.
Without expert training, random process changes and re-orgs can cause further deteriation.

Tell Others

Awareness is key. If you see something, say something.


Practical, hands-on learning is most effective.

Don't fight nature

Rain falls from clouds. Go with the flow.

Start small

Small steps, just lots of them

Work together

You are not machines. But imagine that you are.

Fall in love

Love is not a phase. Love is iterative. Be a LoveMaster.

Ready to get started?

Find training and coaching for whatever stage your organisation is at.


When you have identified WaterScrumFall in your organisation,
and you have trained, certified and motivated staff
it's time to act - swiftly, decisively, ruthlessly.

Coalition of Leaders

Assemble a team of motivated, capable leaders.

Conditions for change

Enable a culture of inquisitivity and empowerment.

Sweet Lovin'

Support your organisation through the hard times <3


It can be all to easy to slip back into old habits,
or revert to bad habits in response to challenging business conditions.

You can vaccinate your organisation from painful relapse.

Don't Panic

Take a chill pill Phil.


That's right, drink it all up.


Actually vaccinate. What, you like measles or something?